Build memorable and engaging experiences with a Spin 2 Win campaign


Finding ways to engage with your audience at your trade show or event is a thing of the past. Look no further - leave lasting impressions that your consumer will want to remember, not run away from. Standing out of the crowd just got a whole lot easier.

How the "experience" works:

Design your campaign using our flexible campaign builder. Upload custom images, set your color scheme, and build dynamic forms. No developers needed - let our platform do the heavy lifting.


User begins by clicking the 'spin' button

This initiates the entry process. But first, the user must fill in form details.


User fills in any required form details you set

Select form fields from our pre-defined list or create your own custom ones.


User can now spin the wheel - wish them luck!

The form is filled - now the user can click the 'spin' button to rotate the wheel.


Prompt appears with prize won

Your custom 'thank you' message appears, along with the prize outcome.