The 'lightweight' Experiential Marketing tool for your agency

Your client demands unique campaign experiences. Whether you're looking to use us as an add-on to your existing campaign or for us to be the heart of your experience, we offer a wide range of powerful features that will not only 'one-up' you with your client, but save you valuable resources.


Powerful agency features, all wrapped in one nice package

  • Hassle-Free Invoicing
  • 100% White-Label
  • Build & Manage Teams
  • One Monthly Fee
  • Graphic Design
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Dedicated Support
  • Remote Monitoring

SocialBungy gives your agency a powerful, yet lightweight experiential marketing tool to build buzzworthy lead capture and consumer engagement campaigns with little to no effort.

Look no further, we're here to make your life easier with our innovative experiential marketing solution. Throw the guesswork aside and run captivating campaigns that leave lasting impressions with your consumer - and your client! It's a win-win...

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